What is an ID RFID Reader ve and what can we do with it?

Mehmet Demirel


Openbravo supports multi-purpose technologies designed to reduce waiting times at POS, as the POS solution is critical to improving store efficiency.

Openbravo Web POS also supports various card readers, new barcode scanners and RFID Readers since 3.0RR16Q3.

What is an ID RFID Reader ve and what can we do with it?

Radio-Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling to automatically identify labels attached to objects. The labels contain information that identifies themselves (Serial number, EAN…). Passive tags receive energy from a nearby RFID reader and, unlike a barcode, the tag does not need to be within the field of view of the reader, so it can be embedded in the object. Therefore, it is used as an alternative to barcode. RFID readers make our work more efficient, enabling us to identify a product faster and easier.

In addition, we can read multiple objects at once, so that a single RFID reader can read all products in one complete shopping cart at the same time.

How to start using RFID Reader with Web POS?

First, we need to connect the RFID reader (physical device) to the machine on which the Hardware Manager is installed, and create an appropriate configuration in Hardware Manager to establish this connection. For more information on this, see the device configuration.

In the back office, the Pos Terminal Type window also has some configuration options and you must at least enable the Kullan Use RFID ”approval - see the Openbravo ERP configuration for a detailed description.

Now, after enabling the Web POS action, you will find an RFID button in the main menu, Disable / Enable RFID Reader preference. This button allows us to disable and enable the RFID reader.

The status of the RFID Readers is reflected in a new icon next to the SCAN tag on the main toolbar. This icon consists of 3 states:

  • Green: RFID reader connected and enabled

  • Red: RFID reader connected but disabled

  • Gray: RFID reader disconnected

When everything is configured correctly, products can be added to the ticket using the reader. To do this, simply place an RFID tag near the reader and beep.

In the case of a refund, the scanned products are added with a negative quantity. There are some buffers to add security to the scanning process, avoiding common issues like adding the same product twice.

As you can see, it is easy to get started with RFID scanners and increase your POS efficiency, as no configuration is required to install the RFID Reader with Web POS.