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Selensoft Completes Process Management Project at Özyurtlar Holding

As of March 2018, we have completed our process management project at Özyurtlar Holding and Construction companies that we started in November 2017. ProcessMaker BPM was used in the project. The acquisition processes of the Holding and its 6 affiliated companies and affiliates were first moved to the BPM platform.

Unlike other sectors, the construction sector has a detailed and process-intensive purchasing activity. Moreover, these processes have the agility, cost control and distributed structure characteristic of the construction sector.

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Warehouse Management Project with Openbravo

A Warehouse Management System was established by Unilever Iran in its main warehouse in Qazvin, covering all warehousing activities.

You can find detailed information about the project in the blog section.

Bezmialem Vakıf Üniversitesi

Bezmialem Üniversitesinde yaptığımız projede, üniversitenin kullandığı Avesis sistem ile Uluslararası Akademik Açık Erişim Sistemi olan DSpace ile entegrasyon ve implementasyon şekilde çalışmalar yapmıştır.

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ERPNext işletme yazılımı ile işletmenin yönetim süreçleri tek çatı altında toplanmıştır.

Gama Reklam tüm departmanlarında ERPNext'i 50 kullanıcılı olarak kullanmaktadır.


Servier is an international pharmaceutical company operating in 148 countries around the world. ProcessMaker for Servier with BPM; We carried out internal circulation and approval processes of printed materials prepared for marketing, training, etc. activities.

Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology In 1954, at the age of 30, Jacques Servier took over a pharmaceutical factory with nine employees in Orlêans, France. Today it is France's largest independent pharmaceutical company with 22,000 employees in 149 countries, and the second largest French pharmaceutical company in the world. Jacques Servier could be thrown into this extraordinary adventure by being totally in love with his profession, his belief in research, his ability to analyze the needs of others, his desire to develop and share, in short, his incredible life force.

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Cleaning and Science Works in Üsküdar Municipality

In the two units of the municipality, the processes of the units were modeled and monitored with ProcessMaker BPM for the recording of daily calls and complaints from the citizens and for Job Tracking. The Business Tracking System, which has been operating since 2012, operates in an integrated manner with 6 separate systems used by the municipality.

Document Registration and Tracking System at Istanbul Kültür University

In the project we carried out at Kültür University, it was provided to keep records of all incoming and outgoing documents to the units of the university, to store metadata, to create an archive and to search this archive. Our project has been used since the summer of 2015 with its structure that allows university units to share their internal business but also protects confidentiality between units. With this project, the university has also carried out studies to model other processes and manage the processes.

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Ergil Group - Purchase Demand, Purchase Approval and Purchase Order Processes

Ergil has its head office in Istanbul and production facilities in Mersin.

Since 2013, the Group has been conducting the entire Process of Purchasing Demand, Warehouse Control, Proposal Collection, Proposal Evaluation, Order and Payment through ProcessMaker BPM.

Tekno Group - Digital Archiving

In all sub-companies of Tekno Group of Companies, financial and non-financial; paperwork, cargo, master carton etc. shipments; registration, circulation and tracking within the company and approval processes are monitored with ProcessMaker BPM.

Sub-companies using; Tekno Ray Solar, Tekno Mac Afferri, Tekno Construction, Tekno Construction Machinery, Tekno Energy, Techno Industry.

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TAIB Investment Bank

IT Helpdesk process and Information Security Process

TAIB Yatırımbank - IT Helpdesk process and Information Security Process Project.

TAIB Yatırımbank conducts the follow-up process of the IT System requests and follow-up of the IT System requests and revisions through the BPM process we have prepared.

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Procons Process Management Project - Russia

Travel and Ticket Demand and Purchase Process at Procons Construction Procons, a Turkish construction company operating in Russia, manages all travel requests and organizations of employees working at their sites simultaneously with ProcessMaker BPM. Both of construction sites, and demand planning journeys between Turkey and Russia and has been systematized.

Prior to the system, while 5 people spent intensive work only for ticket transactions, this work started to be done with fewer people and the company gained serious efficiency in terms of price and planning.

ElectroKavir Company Iran BPM Business Process Management Project

ElecroKavir is a group of 16 companies based in Iran. Companies with 2 of them are in Turkey. ElectroKavir has chosen ProcessMaker BPM as a process management system for use across companies. Selensoft will use ProcessMaker to start sales processes with its consultancy and support.

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