Openbravo System Requirements

Openbravo System Requirements - Openbravo Sistem Gereksinimleri

Openbravo Sistem Gereksinimleri - Openbravo System Requirements 

Client: hardware

To use web interface of Openbravo 3 any modern office system would work. Since Openbravo is a web application it can be used on any device that is capable of running current web browser (see browser´s system requirements for a bare minimum). As with most web based applications, a faster CPU and more RAM makes the GUI snappier and more pleasant to use. Larger displays also make users more productive using wide grids, forms and multiple tabs. To give an example: a computer with an i3 processor with 4GB RAM and display with a 1680x1050 resolution is a comfortable setup for the Openbravo 3 web client.

Client: web browsers

It is strongly recommended to use at least the recommended versions of the mentioned browsers to ensure a better user experience as Openbravo 3 does benefit greatly from the improved performance in those versions.

  • Mobile OSs are not supported for backoffice operations, so there might be some features not fully supported on them.
  • This supported/recommended list apply to the latest minor version of the stated releases.
  • Mozilla Firefox has Extended Support Releases (ESR for short). The list below will always refer to this releases. Alternatively, the latest non-ESR release is also recommended
  • For WebPOS and mobile applications login will not be allowed for releases older than the minimum recommended in the previous release.


In the 23Q3 release, the list of supported/recommended browsers is:

Web browser Minimum required Recommended version WebPOS and mobile applications Backoffice 
Google Chrome113115 or higherYesYes
Apple Safari1416 or higherYesYes
Mozilla Firefox ESR102115 or higherNoYes
Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)113115 or higherNoYes


In the 23Q2 release, the list of supported/recommended browsers is:

Web browser Minimum required Recommended version WebPOS and mobile applications Backoffice 
Google Chrome111113 or higherYesYes
Apple Safari1416 or higherYesYes
Mozilla Firefox ESR91102 or higherNoYes
Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)111113 or higherNoYes

Starting from PR22Q1:

  • Internet Explorer is not longer supported as it reached end of support from the manufacturer.

Starting from PR19Q3:

  • Since Internet Explorer 11 reached end of support from the manufacturer on January 2020, there is no recommended version of this browser.

Starting from PR15Q2:

  • The minimum recommended version is the current browser major version available once the release is launched in "QA Approved" status.
  • The minimum supported version is the previous browser major version once the release is launched in "QA Approved" status. This policy is the same followed by other web applications.

Client: network connectivity

Here there are example configurations, depending on the number of concurrent users to be supported. These assume the server is hosted with a fast connection so it's network is not a limiting factor.

Downstream bandwidthConcurrent users
  As every usage scenario is different and there's no standard the real bandwidth usage in practice may differ from those given above.

Server: Java based = multiplatform

Openbravo runs wherever the Java JDK works. This currently means:

  • Operating systems: Windows, any Linux distribution, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Solaris and more.
  • Architectures: x86, x86_64, IA64, Sparc, PowerPC, AIX.

PostgreSQL should also be supported by your target system

Server: software stack

  If a new major version is not listed here it means it is not yet tested and it's not officially supported.

Stack component Supported versions Recommended version Notes 
Java SE11Latest 11.xOpenJDK and Oracle JDK supported
  • Java 11 supported starting with PR18Q2
PostgreSQL10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, Amazon RDSLatest 10.xWith UUID support enabled (contrib) until PR18Q1
  • PostgreSQL 10 supported starting with PR18Q1
  • PostgreSQL 11 supported starting with PR19Q1
  • PostgreSQL 12 supported starting with PR20Q1
  • PostgreSQL 13 supported starting with PR20Q4
  • PostgreSQL 14 supported starting with PR21Q3
  • Amazon RDS supported starting with PR18Q1

Oraclenot supported anymore-Oracle database support was removed in 23Q4 release
Apache Tomcat8.5.x (x >= 24)Latest 8.5.x
  • Tomcat 8.5 supported starting with PR18Q2
  • At least 8.5.24 is required (with Java11) starting with PR19Q1
Apache Ant1.9.2 or higherLatest 1.10.xStarting from 3.0PR18Q2, lower than 1.9.2 is no longer supported

Since 19Q1 1.10.6 is required. See changes list below for details.

With Java>8 at least 1.9.4 is required. See changes list below for details.

Apache HTTP Server2.4.xLatest 2.4.xOptional but recommended
Apache mod_jk connector1.2.xLatest 1.2.xOptional but recommended
Apache Tomcat Native1.1.x, 1.2.xLatest 1.2.xOptional but recommended

Changes in Software stack support:

  • 23Q4:
    • Removed support for Oracle Database
  • 21Q3:
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 14
  • 21Q1:
    • Removed support for Java 8
  • 20Q4:
    • Added support for Oracle 19c (LTS)
    • Change recommended Oracle version from 12.1 to 19c
    • Removed support for Oracle 11 and 12
    • Add support for PostgreSQL 13
  • 20Q1:
    • Removed support for PostgreSQL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6
    • Removed support for Tomcat 7 and 8.0
    • Removed support for Apache HTTP Server 2.2
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 12
  • PR19Q2:
    • Remove support for Java 10 as it is not an LTS version and already End Of Life
    • Remove support for Oracle Database 11.1 as it is End Of Life since 2015
  • PR19Q1:
    • Tomcat minimum version supported must be 7.0.83, 8.0.48, 8.5.24 or higher if using Java 11. See [1] for more details.
    • Ant requires extra configuration if using ant version lower than 1.10.6 and Java 11. See [2].
    • Remove support for Java 9 as it is not an LTS version and already End Of Life
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 11
  • PR18Q4:
    • Removed support for Java 7
    • New Openbravo Appliance 18.04 published: Recommended versions changed to PostgreSQL 10, Tomcat8.5 and Java11
    • Changed recommended Oracle version from 11 to 12
  • PR18Q2:
    • Desupported ant versions lower than 1.9.2
    • Added support for Java 10, 11
    • Added support for Tomcat 8.5.x
  • PR18Q1:
    • Added support for Java 9. Note there are additional requisites to run with Java 9.
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 10
    • Added support for PostgreSQL in Amazon RDS
  • PR17Q4:
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 9.6
  • PR17Q1:
    • Removed support for Java 6
    • Removed support for Tomcat 6
    • Removed support for PostgreSQL 9.1 and 9.2
  • PR16Q1:
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 9.5
    • Java 8 support got an important bugfix
  • PR15Q4: Added support for Tomcat8
  • PR15Q3:
    • Removed support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0
    • Added support for Java 8 and Oracle 12c
  • PR15Q2: New Openbravo Appliance 14.04 published: Recommended versions changed to PostgreSQL 9.3, Tomcat7 and Java7
  • PR15Q1: Support PostgreSQL 9.3, Tomcat7 and Java7
  • PR14Q3: no longer support PostgreSQL 8.3.x and Oracle 10

Server: hardware sizing

Please follow Sizing article for the hardware recommendations based on the number of concurrent users to be supported.

Virtualization: notes

In the case of a virtualized solution (VMware, VirtualBox, Xen, etc), the Host system on which the virtual machine is running should have at least 3GB of RAM for 32bit instances and 4GB for 64bits, to ensure that in addition to the virtual machine the host system is not continuously swapping to ensure a smooth operation.

Openbravo System Requirements
Mehmet Demirel April 8, 2024
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