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Openbravo Advanced Warehousing Datasheet.
Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations Datasheet.
Openbravo AWO Datasheet.

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2. Openbravo Data Sheet AWO leverages the following Supply Chain Management capabilities, which are built in to the Openbravo Commerce Suite, so providing a complete and integrated SCM solution for retail operations: • Merchandise Planning : Schedule your supply chain more e ffi ciently with a systematic forecasting process and determine the optimal quantity of inventory to hold, so enablling your business to manage cash fl ow better. • Purchasing : Improve spend management with purchase orders that are automatically generated from forecasts and centralized vendor and order management. • Merchandise Distribution : Ensure a cost- e ff ective distribution of goods with accurate planning that is aligned with forecast demand and improve the e ffi ciency of your distribution center. • Manufacturing Management : Manage production data better to improve the management of information across the production cycle and so meet your production goals. WAREHOUSE & INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Key Component in the Openbravo Supply Chain Suite © Copyright 2018 Openbravo S.L.U. All rights reserved MERCHANDISE PLANNING PURCHASING MERCHANDISE DISTRIBUTION MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT WAREHOUSE & INVENTORY MANAGEMENT

1. Openbravo Data Sheet Warehouse & Inventory Management Openbravo AWO has been designed to enable retailers to manage their warehouses better by reducing common problems such as poor utilization of space and sta ff , inventory nearing expiry date, and lost sales due to stranded inventory. © Copyright 2018 Openbravo S.L.U. All rights reserved Functionally rich and intuitive user interface can be deployed on any type of mobile device Sophisticated back-o ffi ce functionality to monitor and control all aspects of your warehouse INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF YOUR WAREHOUSE AND INVENTORY ACTIVITIES • Con fi gure internal routing areas, storage bin groups and bin capacities to be used in your tasks execution. • Set up di ff erent task types and assign them to speci fi c operators or handling equipment. • Improve tasks execution with the de fi nition of dynamic priorities and travel sequences. • Optimize your inventory during the quiet shift by auto-generating: · tasks to replenish picking bins from bulk bins; · tasks to reorganize inventory stored in sub-optimum bins; · count-tasks to verify quantities. TAKE YOUR INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: • Re fl ect the true warehouse situation in real-time in the system to avoid the snowball e ff ect of ‘error-on-error’. • Streamline picking and put-away processes using a variety of warehouse parameters. • Con fi gure automatic quality inspection tasks for selected products and/or suppliers that require special control before being accepted. • Reduce material handling and warehouse storage time with support for cross- docking. • Gain real-time inventory status visibility at bin level. • Customize how you view your inventory using alternate UoM and Inventory Status indicators. • Allow the use of chaotic bin systems to optimize warehouse space utilization. BOOST ASSOCIATE PRODUCTIVITY AND MINIMIZE IDLE TIME WITH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY • Notify warehouse associates of newly assigned tasks in real time. • Optimize labor use by presenting the list of activities ordered by priority and travel sequence directly on mobile devices. • Reduce time needed to train associates to minutes thanks to a highly intuitive interface. • Ensure warehouse keeps working in the event of poor connectivity thanks to Openbravo’s resilient mobile technology with o ffl ine mode. SIMPLIFY PROCESSING OF WAREHOUSE PRODUCT KITS • Create unique combinations of items such as seasonal gift baskets or other collections of items that are sold together as a kit. • Ensure inventory accuracy with automatically discounted quantities when preparing a kit.


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