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Where is the content that runs your business?  Where is your business critical content stored? Is it easy to find the right version you need? Is your most important content secure both inside and outside the company firewall?

Many companies have documents stored all over the place – on desktop computers, laptops, network drives, email, USB sticks and various consumer file sharing sites. And with contracts stored by customer, invoices by month, case files by case number, and consulting reports by year, it is difficult to get a 360° view of a customer’s information, which makes effective collaboration almost impossible.

Alfresco enables you to manage your business critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, marketing and sales materials, as well as technical renderings and manuals. With Alfresco, you have full version control, ensuring that you always have the right version of the file you need, and full access from anywhere, any time.

Alfresco saves valuable time otherwise wasted searching for information and recreating misplaced documents, and eliminates mistakes and costs associated with using the wrong version. Alfresco is the only open source document management system that makes your business critical documents smarter and more actionable, enabling your company to work together more effectively.

"With Alfresco, we can instantly serve up marketing content in many different places and formats such as online and mobile. Alfresco is also easy to use for our business users. We now have one rule — any content put into Alfresco has to be managed by business teams who know the content best. This has freed up our time to focus on other IT projects."

- Aaron Heath, Director, Application Development, Saks Fifth Avenue